Psychology and Biblical Studies


Summary of Annual SBL Meeting Programs
in Psychology and Biblical Studies, 1991-2011

Psychology and Biblical Studies Section


Healthy(?) Biblical Studies

Book Review: Psychological Analyses and the Historical Jesus

Explorations in Hebrew Scriptures

Divinity, Readers, and Reading: Psychology and Interpretation

Book Review:
The Making of Fornication

New models for Psychological Criticism

Cognitive Approaches to the Bible

The Bible in Healing and Transformation

Jesus The Village Psychiatrist,
A Critique and Appreciation

The Secret Gospel of Mark, Sex, Death, and Madness:
The Psychodynamics of Morton Smith's Proposal

Otherness and Motherness:
Psychological Forays into the Hebrew Scriptures

New Testament Texts and Methods: Jesus, Marriage, and Personality

Review of Psychological Insight into the Bible: Texts and Readings

Abuse and Healing in Biblical Texts

European Perspectives

The Aha! of a Ha!: Psychological Insights into Biblical Humor

From Anger to Atonement, Inadequacy to Grace: Emotional Transference and Transformation in the Bible

Psychology and the Bible in Practice: Clinic & Classroom

Psychology and the Bible in Practice: Congregation & Community

Review of
Psychology and the Bible

Psychology, the Bible,
and Politics

In the Valley of the Shadow: Despair, Depression, and Trauma in the Bible

Personality Development

Anger & Aggression

Bible & Violence

Apocalypse and
Cosmic Conflict

Psychological Views of Biblical Law, Jesus and Divine Retribution

The Bible and Human Transformation

Methods and Explorations in Psychological Criticism

Biblical Violence and Consolation: Psychological Perspectives

Review of Two Books

Psychological Models
for Biblical Criticism

Review of Kille,
Psychological Biblical Criticism

Pathogenic and Therapeutic

Review of Two Books

Biblical Apocalypticism

Review of Rollins' Soul and Psyche

Textual Interpretation


Psychology and Biblical Studies Group

Review of Two Books
Soul and Psyche

Psychology and Biblical Studies
Biblical Figures

Psychological Models

Gnostic Litreature and Jung
Texts and Stories
Psychology and Biblical Studies Consultation

Models for Text Interpretation

Future Directions

Historical and Contemporary Perspective

1999 (Boston)

Session 1: Psychological Aspects of Biblical Apocalypticism Ilona N. Rashkow, presiding

Session 2. Review of Wayne G. Rollins, Soul and Psyche: The Bible in Psychological Perspective,
Paul N. Anderson, Yale Divinity School, Presiding

1998 (Orlando)

Session 1: Psychological Models for Textual Interpretation. Kamila Blessing, presiding

Session 2: Depth Psychology and Exegesis: The Work of Eugen Drewermann, Wayne G. Rollins, presiding

1997 (San Francisco)

Session 1: Two Book Reviews on Works in Psychology and Biblical Studies Wayne G. Rollins, presiding

Session 2: Soul and Psyche in Biblical and Psychological Perspective Charles T. Davis, III, presiding

1996 (New Orleans)

Session 1: Psychology and Biblical Studies: Retrospect and Prospect Wayne G. Rollins, presiding

Session 2: Biblical Figures and Texts in Psycho-Hermeneutical Perspective Kamila Blessing, presiding

1995 (Philadelphia)
Psychological Models for Biblical Interpretation

Session 1: Wayne G. Rollins, presiding

Session 2: Michael Willett Newheart, presiding

1994 (Chicago)
Biblical Texts and Stories in Psychological-Hermeneutical Perspective

Session 1: Gnostic Literature and Jungian Exegesis. Wayne G. Rollins presiding

Session 2: Biblical Texts and Stories in Psychological Hermeneutical Perspective. Schuyler Brown, presiding

1993 (Washington, D. C.)
Psychological Models for Textual Interpretation

Session 1: Marcus J. Borg presiding.

Session 2: Wayne G. Rollins presiding

1992 (San Francisco)
Future Directions for Psychology and Biblical Studies

Wayne G. Rollins presiding

1991 (Kansas City)
Psychology and Biblical Studies in Historical and Contemporary Perspective

Marcus J. Borg presiding