Psychology and Biblical Studies


Psychology and Biblical Studies
Society of Biblical Literature
November 2007 (San Diego)

S18-128 The Aha! of a Ha!: Psychological Insights into Biblical Humor

Matthew Goff, Florida State University, Presiding

Respondent J. Harold Ellens, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

S19-29 From Anger to Atonement, Inadequacy to Grace:
Emotional Transference and Transformation in the Bible

Dereck Daschke, Truman State University, Presiding

Respondent Benjamin Abelow

S19-77 Psychology and the Bible in Practice: Clinic & Classroom

Wayne Rollins, Hartford Seminary, Presiding

S19-118 Psychology and the Bible in Practice:
Congregation & Community

Jill McNish, Presiding

Respondent Donna Lindsey, United Church of Christ

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